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4 Reasons I’m Now A Lady Gaga Super Fan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/lady-gaga/lady-gaga-20081027-466495.jpgOn Friday night, I went to see Lady Gaga perform at Madison Square Garden. I walked in a casual fan, I walked out a diebhard Little Monster. Here’s why.
  1. Spiritually Singes. I already loved Gaga’s music and anticipated that her show would be what you might call “a spectacle.” And it was. I lost track of just how many costume changes there were, but each was more jaw-dropping than the next; the set was out of this world, bringing to life the “Wizard of Oz”-esque theme that was silly and hilarious. (Gaga and crew have been dropped off in Central Park by a twister, and must follow the Glitter Road to the Monster Ball!) But unlike other artists who put on shows with so many bells and whistles—Britney Spears and Madonna, for example—Lady Gaga can sing spectacularly. The sets and the costumes aren’t there to distract from a lack of God-given talent; they’re just the icing on her already tasty cake.
  2. She makes the cost of admission worth every penny. My general admission floor ticket cost $79 ($90 including shipping and handling charges). While there are certainly more expensive (for seated tickets very close to the stage) and less expensive (nosebleeds!) tickets to be had, I was stoked by what a great view I got for my dead presidents, especially given how expensive the show must be to put on. Gaga as a performer does not slack off for a second. Despite touring nonstop, she doesn’t show the slightest bit of fatigue. In fact, she showed nothing but unstoppable energy, performing for an astonishing two and a half hours.
  3. She f**king loves her fans. There is no doubt that Gaga has become a superstar, whose rise to fame is similar to that of Madonna. Gaga does not take her super stardom for granted, nor does she show any angst or guilt that so many, say, “mopey” rock stars seem to feel when they become famous overnight. No, Gaga, like Madonna, embraces the fact that she is f**king famous, but unlike the Material Girl, she doesn’t seem the slightest bit out of touch with where she came from. It was evident during her show that as much as Lady Gaga’s fans adore her, she adores her Little Monsters right back.
  4. And her fans are as diverse as they come. I have attended a lot of concerts in my life, but the fans at Lady Gaga’s show were the most diverse I’ve ever seen. Surrounding me and my friend (pregnant with her own little monster) were flamboyant gay men, straight couples, packs of best friends, straight men in plaid shirts and beards, children with their parents, and, right next to me, two Muslim women, their heads covered with scarves. And all of them were dancing their asses off.

Donna Feldman

 Donna Feldman(April 28 1992)
http://images.dailyradar.com/media/uploads/showhype/story_large/2009/04/29/1__________.jpgDonna was born and raised in Calabash, California. Her family is Israeli with Russian and Polish descent, Feldman has done print campaigns for Jaguar, Fila, Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Christian Audigier Swimwear, Revlon, Pontiac in Sports Illustrated magazine, Rampage clothing, Quelle lingerie, Faber Knitwear (Germany), Wella, Zanetti for Italy, Diesel and Tornado in Israel, Panasonic in Japan, and Platini Jeans in North and South America. On the runway, the 5′ 10″ Feldman has walked for shows in Los Angeles’ Mercedes-Benz fashion week in and the Macy’s Passport fashion show. She was featured in the February 2007 issue of Stuff magazine and on the April 2007 cover of Women’s Fitness RX magazine.2008 cover of Esquire magazine.
Feldman has been featured in television commercials for Panasonic, Halifax in Great Britain, and a Movietickets.com spot, as well as music videos such as Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita”, Sugar Ray’s “It’s So Easy”, and Enrique Iglesias’ “Tired of Being Sorry”. In 2005, Feldman became a model on the first season of NBC’s game show, Deal or No Deal. She held case 22 for most of the season. Afterwards, Feldman made the choice to leave Deal or No Deal when she became a cast member of My Network TV’s primetime soap Fashion House, playing temptress Gloria. The show began airing on September 5, 2006. Fashion House is currently airing in over 50 countries. 2005 also saw Feldman as the awards hostess for the Academy Awards.
In 2008, Feldman had a supporting role in the Adam Sandler film You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.
2008-2009 Donna appears as a recurring panelist on Fox News show “Redeye” as well as co-hosting on Tv Guide show “The Fashion Team”


http://www.aculcoradio.com/espanol/images/stories/LATINOSINLONDON/shakira_narrowweb__300x376,0.jpgShakira Isabel mebarak Ripoll was born on a wednesday, february 2,1977, in the Clinica Asuncion de Barranquilla (Colombia). Daughter of a respected jeweler of lebanese descent, Don William Mebarak Chadid, and his Colombian wife, Nidia Ripoll Torrado, The child was the couple’s blessing and their only daughter. In naming the newborn, Nidia had shuffled through several names containing the letter “K” to go well with the sound of the “K” in Mebarak.
She had considered Karime and Katiuska but finally chose Shakira, an arabic name derived from the word “Shukram which means “Grace” the most literal translation is “woman full of Grace” , even though Shakira has said she identifies more with its second meaning, “Grateful.”
Colombians said that the newborn was chubby and had curly hair, thick eyebrows, and a healthy set of lungs. What nobody knew was that those lungs would inscribe her name in Music History

Her father william mebarak was born in NY, but shortly after she was born her family moved to Barranquilla. Nidia ripoll Torrado, on the other hand was born in Barranquilla and has Catalan blood. When they Married, Don Willian was divorce and already had seven children from his previous marriage, so Shakira came into this world as the youngest child with quite a few siblings willing to spoil her. Don William has been a key figure in Shakira’s formation and sibility In school shakira was sensible and disciplined, but also absentminded. In class she just did not pay attention. she Add New Post ‹ fashion and style — WordPressimmersed herself in writting lyrics on the back of her notebooks, but even thought She had the capacity to catch on to everything very quickly because anytime the teacher would catch her, she would look up at the board and almost immediately figure out where she was. As soon as the bell rang, Shakira was the first one to run and get in line for the cafeteria, she used to drink pepsi with a pastry with dulce de leche and she would get mad if you would ask her for some.

Jessica Alba

http://topnews.in/light/files/jessica-alba_2.jpgJessica Marie Alba (born April 28, 1981) is an American television and film actress. She began her television and movie appearances at age 13 in Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). Alba rose to prominence as the lead actress in the television series Dark Angel (2000–2002) Alba later appeared in various films including Honey (2003), Sin City (2005), Fantastic Four (2005), Into the Blue (2005), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Good Luck Chuck both in 2007.
Alba is considered a sex symbol and often generates media attention for her looks. She appears frequently on the “Hot 100″ section of Maxim and was voted number one on AskMen.com’s list of “99 Most Desirable Women” in 2006, as well as “Sexiest Woman in the World” by FHM in 2007.

Early life

Alba was born in Pomona, California[1] to Catherine Alba (née Jensen) and Mark Alba. Her mother is of Danish and French Canadian descent and her father is Mexican American, though both of his parents were born in California[10][11] (on the December 1, 2009 episode of Lopez Tonight, George Lopez announced that a DNA test showed Alba to be 87% European and 13% Indigenous American). She has a younger brother, Joshua. Her father’s Air Force career took the family to Biloxi, Mississippi, and Del Rio, Texas before settling back in California when she was nine years old. Alba described her family as being a “very conservative family—a traditional, Catholic, Latin American family” and herself as very liberal; she says she had identified herself as a “feminist” as early as age five.


While filming Dark Angel in January 2000, Alba began a three year relationship with her co-star Michael Weatherly, which caused controversy due to their twelve year age gap. Weatherly proposed to Alba on her twentieth birthday, which she accepted. In August 2003, Alba and Weatherly announced that they’d ended their relationship. In July 2007, Alba spoke out about the break up, saying “I don’t know [why I got engaged]. I was a virgin. He was 12 years older than me. I thought he knew better. My parents weren’t happy. They’re really religious.

Bar Refaeli

http://fromthebeergarden.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/bar_refaeli_020.jpgBar Refaeli (Hebrew: ?? ??????, born 4 June 1985) is an Israeli model and occasional actress, most known for her modeling work and for her relationship with American actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She was the cover model of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Early life

Bar Refaeli was born in 1985 to an Israeli Jewish family in Hod HaSharon, Israel. Her parents, Rafael and Tzipi, own a horse ranch. Her mother was a successful Israeli model in the 1970s, under her maiden name Tzipi Levine.Refaeli has three brothers. She began a modeling career at the age of eight months, appearing in commercials.Refaeli had to wear braces in her early years, interrupting her modeling until age 15, when she returned to modeling with the representation of Irene Marie Models.

Modeling career

Refaeli began her modeling career before the age of 8 months for a baby commercial.By age 15, she was featured in campaigns for the fashion brands Castro and Pilpel, also starring in a commercial for Milki. Refaeli won the title “Model of The Year” in a beauty contest[ in 2000 and 2001. She was also chosen to be the home model of Renuar fashion network and appeared in their summer 2002 and winter 2003 catalogs.
Refaeli has appeared in ELLE (France), Maxim, and GQ (Italy). She debuted in the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, becoming the first Israeli model to appear in the magazine, posing with rock band Aerosmith. In 2009, Refaeli was the covermodel for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. A photo from the shoot, featuring a bikini-clad Refaeli, was painted on the side of a Boeing 737 in a promotional deal with Southwest Airlines, leading to criticism of Southwest from passengers for using an image they regarded as inappropriately sexual and "offensive to families". In October of the same year, Refaeli was again embroiled in controversy, when Haredi groups criticised a Tel Aviv billboard campaign in which she appeared semi-nude, alleging that it could "poison" the public.] The billboards were subsequently removed.


http://therookies.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/rosie-huntington-whiteley-bikini.jpgA celebrity (sometimes referred to as a celeb in popular culture) is a person who is easily recognized in a society or culture.
Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality. There is a wide range of ways by which people may become celebrities: from their profession, appearances in the mass media, or even by complete accident or infamy. Instant celebrity is the term that is used when someone becomes a celebrity in a very short period of time. In some places, someone that somehow achieves a small amount of transient fame, through hype or mass media, is stereotyped as a B-grade celebrity. Often the stereotype extends to someone that falls short of mainstream or persistent fame but seeks to extend or exploit it. In the 21st century, the insatiable public fascination for celebrities and demand for celebrity gossip has seen the rise of the gossip columnist, tabloid, paparazzi and celebrity blogging.
The rise of international celebrities in acting and popular music is due in large part to the massive scope and scale of the media industries, enabling celebrities to be viewed more often and in more places.

Alexa Ray Joel

http://celebrity-gossip.net/sites/default/files/imagecache/celebrity_profile/celebrities/alexa-ray-joel-gorgeous-smile.jpgLooking to give their looks an upgrade, Christie Brinkley and her daughter Alexa Ray Joel both underwent plastic surgery earlier this month.
According to a report, the supermodel and her singer daughter both had work done at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital just hours apart from each other.
Just weeks after her being hospitalized following a suicide scare, Alexa Ray Joel was spotted moving out of her New York City apartment on Thursday afternoon (January 14).
The musician daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley looked to be in high spirits as she toted a few light items while movers tended to the heavier items in the East Village abode.
Hoping to be back on the music scene soon, Alexa Ray Joel gained support at her father’s Oyster Bay, L.I., home on Monday, after canceling two performances after a suicide fright.
The daughter of Billy Joel was reported as taking a handful of homeopathic pain pills Saturday and then called 911 admitting to an overdose and having problems breathing. “Alexa is feeling much better. She is with her family and looking forward to getting back on track,” said her spokeswoman, Claire Mercuri.

Culture of Hollywood Celebrities

http://image3.examiner.com/images/blog/replicate/EXID26001/images/resized_Sandra_Bullock_generation_award_mtv.jpgIt’s not often you will hear a celebrity gossip news writer say the cast of MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore is right about anything.
From fashion faux pas to personal grooming and social etiquette, they exude what can only best be described as idiocracy.
Sandra definitely deserves it,” Vinny said. “She’s a great actress, everyone knows that. And ‘The Blind Side’ was amazing. If you look back at all her movies, she’s funny yet serious.”
JWoww reiterated the sentiments, and turns out she has been more than just a recreational fan. “Sandra Bullock is probably one of my favorite actresses,” JWoww told MTV News. “I think she’s an amazing person. My favorite movie is ‘Miss Congeniality’; I watch it every day. She has an amazing aura about herself and presence, so she definitely deserves it.”
Not only will Sandra be joining many of her peers — Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey — in being awarded the Generation Award, but she is also one of few female actresses to earn the honor. And that’s something to be proud of indeed.

Beginning Yoga at Home: Printable Yoga Exercises

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:DYXLhBFjX_-JnM:http://healthplux.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/yoga.jpgYoga has changed people’s outlook towards both physical and mental health. Yoga exercises are known all over the world for the multiple health benefits provided by them. Yoga strongly supports the fact that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. All the yoga poses are so designed that they focus on and treat particular body parts and, at the same time, relax the body and bring mental tranquility. In other words, yoga exercises not only keep the body fit, but also provide calmness and freshness to the mind. No wonder people’s interest in yoga is on rise. The enrollment of individuals in yoga classes is increasing day by day.
Things to Know Before Beginning Yoga at Home: Since you will be beginning yoga at home without the supervision of a teacher, it is important to be aware of the following facts in order to perform the yoga exercises in a correct manner and derive positive results from them.
  1. The aim of yoga is to achieve inner peace, tranquility, and a state of harmony and purification. To reach this stage of mental, physical and nervous relaxation, you need to completely ease your body. Relieve the body from all materialistic tensions. Think positive; it is vital to have a positive attitude while practicing yoga as it always pays off with positive results.
  2. Breathing correctly while performing the yoga exercise is of prime importance. The purpose is to increase energy levels. Breathing is considered to be correct when it is rhythmic, deep, and completely involves the lungs. This increases the quantity of oxygen intake.
  3. An asana is accomplished in three stages. The first stage is to get into the yoga pose. The second stage is to hold the pose, and the third and the last stage is to come out of the pose. Each asana stage is accompanied by either inhalation or exhalation. The breathing technique is peculiar to every yoga pose. You must learn about them well before practicing.
Each pose acts on, repairs, or enhances the functioning of particular body parts. Some poses last for 30 sec while there are some that last for 3 minutes. Start performing a pose for only 30-35 seconds, gradually reaching the recommended time. You can always come out of a pose if you feel discomfort or pain while performing it.
You would get a large number of printable yoga exercises from the above-mentioned sources. You can choose a few asanas depending upon your need, comfort, and suitability. Learning and practicing yoga is refreshing, soothing, energizing, and not tough at all. Do try by beginning yoga at home and feel the difference.

Ideal Body Measurements For Women

Friday, August 20, 2010

http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000VI1JG.01-A2X3FMBNSRPS6U.LZZZZZZZ.jpgPerfect Female Body Measurements
Every woman is born with a particular body type, shape, and hence a peculiar measurement. Some are small and bulky, still they look pretty. Others are medium in height and petite, yet they look gorgeous. There are those who are tall and skinny but are perceived beautiful by many. All such women are liked by one or the other. Therefore, it is actually difficult to give accurate measurements of an ideal female body. According to many fashion and beauty experts and body measurement charts available in various health and fitness websites and journals, women with a 36 inch broad bust, 26 inch broad waist and 36 inch broad hips look gorgeous in almost every outfit. Thus, you can take 36″- 26″- 36″ as the ideal body measurement for women.
Different Female Body Types
anana Shape: The width of the waist is less than that of the bust and hips. It is generally less than 9 inches. In such a type of body shape, fat is distributed predominantly in the abdomen, chest, buttocks and face. Females with such a body shape have higher levels of androgen than estrogen. This causes the skeleton to grow in a masculine pattern.
Pear Shape: The width of the hip is greater than that of the bust. The distribution of fat is more on buttocks, thighs and hips. As the body fat distribution increases, it is deposited on the upper body parts, including the abdomen.
Apple Shape: Females with an apple shaped body have bust and shoulder measurements greater than the measurement of the hips. They have the highest level of androgen as compared to females with any other body shape, which causes their body to develop in a masculine pattern.
Hourglass Shape: In the hourglass body shape, the width of the bust is almost similar to that of the hips and has a narrow waist. This is the shape with the highest symmetry. Majority of cultures consider the hourglass body shape to be the perfect female body shape.

Body Fat Calculator

http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/401099-4568-57.jpgPeople are now aware of the diseases related to accumulation of body fat. Body fat calculator helps you determine how much weight you need to lose, since losing weight is nothing but burning the excess fat in the body. Obesity has become an universal problem today. Conventional methods are not useful in determining body fat. Body fat calculator, therefore, is the tool that can help you measure excess fat and it can tell you whether you are in the healthy range or not.
Body Fat Calculator Formula for Women
Step 1: (Total body weight x 0.732) + 8.987
Step 2: Wrist measurement (at fullest point) / 3.140
Step 3: Waist measurement (at naval) x 0.157
Step 4: Hip measurement (at fullest point) x 0.249
Step 5: Forearm measurement (at fullest point) x 0.434
Lean Body Mass: Step 1 + Step 2 – Step 3 – Step 4 + Step 5
Body Fat Weight: Total body weight – Lean Body Mass
Body Fat Percentage: (Body Fat Weight x 100) / total body weight
Body Fat Calculator Formula For Men
Step 1: (Total body weight x 1.082) + 94.42
Step 2: Waist measurement x 4.15
Lean Body Mass: Step 1 – Step 2
Body Fat Weight: Total body weight – Lean Body Mass
Body Fat Percentage: (Body Fat Weight x 100) / total body weight
Body Fat Percentage Categories
Classification Women (% Fat) Men (% Fat)
Essential Fat 10-12% 2-4%
Athletes 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%
Obese 32% + 25% +

How to Look Hot

http://notesfromthebartender.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/bar-refaeli-1.jpgHow to Look Hot – Step 1
The first and foremost requirement to look hot is to be of pleasing personality. You need to have social etiquette and an ability to befriend people. Keep up-to-date with current affairs and the latest news, these will work in your benefit as conversation starters. Talk to people when they address you, look into their eyes while talking to them and do not chime into a conversation unless asked or expected to. Do not starve yourself, be healthy and sleep enough!
How to Look Hot – Step 2
Personal Hygiene is very very essential. A person should not feel awkward standing next to you. Lets face it, people like to be really close to people who are hot, right? So make sure that you shower daily and that your clothes are clean. Brush your teeth and use a good deodorant. Avoid having hair where they are not required (if you know what I mean). Yes, I know it will not be visible, but it will make a big difference in the way you carry yourself.
How to Look Hot – Step 3
Do not try to follow a fashion trend, if you are not comfortable with it. The biggest mistake that many “wannabe hotties” make is that they blindly follow fashion trends. Honey, you are not a wannabe, so you will not make that mistake. Make sure that you are aware of the latest fashion trends but follow only the ones that suit you. For example, if the new trend is tank top and hot shorts, and if you are a little chubby (not fat, chubby!!) then you can skip the trend and stick to the confidence and comfort of your regular attire.
How to Look Hot – Step 4
Confidence is the key. The most important characteristic that is common in all of the people in the list above is confidence. Inspite of their quirks and flaws, the reason why they have reached a level of being adored and admired is because they are confident in their skin. Once you are confident, no amout of cheerleader bullying and jock talk can take you down! So, be confident and you will radiate a glow that will attract everyone (I am not being philosophical, true story!).
How to Look Hot – Step 5
Be proud of your friends. Always remember, one is what their company makes them, nonetheless, it is not fair to let go of your friends in order to be hot. Ample chick flicks and teen movies would agree with me on this one. Your friends have been with you in your “non hot” days, so don’t dump them ever. They will give you the added confidence and encouragement that you need. Who knows, you’ll could take down that annoying bully gang of hot shots, together?

Sexy Bodystockings

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:5Ve9xU1zNGwgjM:http://www.da-kolkoz.com/photos/697f2754fa3e39be978f9a8fcabc70c14af3d571/keeley-hazell-sexy-en-lingerie-1231751083387.jpgI am a very big fan of bodystockings. So much so, I’m always amazed when I meet a woman who’s never owned one. These babies can look good on almost any body type, and every female should have one in her lingerie collection. That said, not all bodystockings are created equal – some of them are just plain hideous. Seriously, I’ve seen some that couldn’t possibly redeem themselves, even on a Bardot-like body.
Therefore, I’m going to give you a basic guide for sorting through the uglies. If you’re a man, it may be in your best interest to keep reading – bodystockings are very inexpensive gifts and are, essentially, one size fits all. Which means, if you get a classic style, she will probbaly love it. Unfortunately, most of the pictoral examples I’d like to share with you aren’t really suitable for all viewers, so I’ll leave you to google “bodystockings” if you’d like to see the really hot stuff.
Certainly, some of you could pull off most of the styles and colors available. This article isn’t for you. This article is for the average Jane who wants a classic look that will look good on her no matter what, enduring slight weight fluctuations and water retention that us non-supermodels have to put up with every month.

Learn to Have Firm Breasts

When we talk about breasts, it is true that the size of ones breast really matter, especially to the guys and making them look attractive. But when we talk about sexy breasts, it is the firmness of the breasts that ascertain the beauty of the breast. If you want to make your boobs to be firm, I have some ideas which work for making the boobs look more firm. It will not only keep your breasts from appearing saggy but it will also perk it up. The method I am talking about is what I call hydrotherapy.
http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:e0GnPtBzhfaI-M:http://s2.hubimg.com/u/2558365_f260.jpgHydrotherapy involves the utilization of water to enhance the state and well being of our system. An effective hydrotherapy routine is to switch between hot and cold water whenever you are taking your bath, either in a shower or the way that suits you most. It will help to boost the blood flowing to your skin by as high as 90%. What good does it perform for your boobs? Putting into the fact that enhanced flow of blood arouses the generation of elastic and collagen, that is the skin proteins that does the work of toning and elasticity, the outcome will give you a firmer and perkier breasts
http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:dEwHq7ploWhp6M:http://kidsdontgetit.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/salma-hayek-cleave.jpegHaving known what hydrotherapy can do for your breasts, any other time you want to take your bath I recommend you invest about 2 minutes of your time to tone your boobs. All you have to do is to bathe your boobs using warm water for about 30 seconds and then change to the coldest water you are able to withstand for a period of 10 seconds. Keep on switching between cold and warm water for a period of 10 minutes. It is a good way to make your breasts look firm and perked up in the morning.
The second way to have firm breast is through the intake of breast pills made for firming the breasts. One of them is called Breast Success. It will help to make your breast look firm after using it for some weeks.

Tips For Using a Firm Body Shaper

I think every woman wants their body to look its absolute best, meaning, that have a shapely and trim figure. Some women were just born this way and do very little to maintain their hourglass look. They can eat what they want, do not need to do regularly exercise, and they always look incredible even as they age. For the rest of us it takes a great amount of discipline and effort for our bodies to look great. We have to watch what we eat and visit the gym regularly, which is hard to do if you are bearing and raising children, and doing this while have a career as well. One alternative though that can really help us women have the best possible figure is to use a body shaping girdle. What is even better about these amazing undergarments is that it only takes you minutes to put them on. You might be surprised just how many women are wearing these body shaping girdles, as they are extremely popular these day. Let us take a few moments to learn more about them and how they can make you look your absolute best.
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:r1l-dvn_C_QiJM:http://imgsrv.wfan.com/image/wfan/UserFiles/Image/BoomerCarton%2520/AttentionGrabbers/HollyWeber/HollyWeber10.jpgWhat a body shaper does is firm up the body you already have and at the same time is smoothes and evens bulges and wrinkles to give you a slimmer more shapely appearance. They also provide a lifting action for some parts of your body like near you breasts, and also the buttocks area as well. They will absolutely flatten down your abdomen, and that bulge many women have in the tummy area. These undergarments are designed to hug your body extremely well, and they are not even noticeable when you are wearing them. They will give you a natural look, and help you to maximize the body you already have. These body shapers are made of soft materials and are extremely comfortable to wear all day long.
Women usually are not too excited about body shapers at first because they think they would be uncomfortable. The shaping undergarments of today are not like that at all, they are made of soft and comfortable materials and they do not have any tight elastic seams that cut into your skin. You will find that they can easily be worn every day and to work as well. The way these shapers work is that they material compacts the loose areas of your body and gives you a slimmer and trimmer look. You can instantly have that tummy bulged smoothed out, your thighs less round and more compact, and uplift and compress the buttocks area as well. There are not tight straps to adjust and belts to tighten, the elastic and stretchy material fits perfectly to your body shape and maximizes the look that you already have.
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:9KX5olrwUTcHwM:http://smartho.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/1238792154-esti_ginzburg_02_resize.jpgWhen you first try these on they may feel uncomfortable and tight on your body. That is perfectly normal for these body shapers and soon they will relax a little and you will not even notice them any longer. What happens over time is that your body starts to adapt to the body shaper and it will actually improve your figure on its own. What you can do is wear the body girdle for just a few hours per day at first, then gradually increase the time you wear it until you are wearing it all the time.

7 Tips To Gain A Fit Body

A beautiful body is what women long for. No matter whether it is Hollywood or anywhere else, this has always remained a trend. But there are many right ways of exercising programs for women who are looking for effective losing of fat.
Strength training is one growing and most effective form of exercise among women. Besides fat loss, it also assists in several other benefits. This includes increase in bone density with restoration, metabolic density, mass increase and lean muscles, improved balance, injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation, coronary disease prevention, delayed aging process, sports performance improvement along with figure and look enhancement.
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:gSVO5Ei2mEsePM:http://www.vijayswami.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/miranda-kerr-hair-secrets.jpgAlways consult your doctor before you begin with any strength training program. This would ensure you with proper fitness along with required safety. Planning out routines for your fitness program is factually the trickiest of all among anything else. However, if you make sure to follow the fitness guidelines provided by your instructor, then you could undoubtedly increase the chances of being successful in your fitness routine.
1. Always know that muscle can never be strength trained within a day. A minimum of at least 24 to 36 hour allocation needs to be followed. Muscle injury, fatigue and overtraining can take place if exercising is done on consecutive days.
2. Instant weight loss in never possible. For an instance excess stomach fat cannot be lost overnight, simply by doing 100 crunches at a stretch. Tummy flab cannot disappear with such ease. Total reduction of fat in your body should be done initially by good rest, eating well and of course proper exercise.
3. Toning the body cannot be done at an instance. A step wise procedure needs to be followed. Always concentrate on a single muscle group. As you get through with that you can proceed towards your next target. You can also consider using machines than simply using weights freely.
4. Strength training programs need to be regular and consistent for ensuring successful results. Make it a point to know that the weight you have gained was a many-years process and hence losing the same could take time too. You need a change in your lifestyle while you are in strength training. Replacing good habits with bad ones is mandatory.
5. Every 4-6 weeks changes are required in strength training. This would essentially prevent the body from getting bored and also make work outs very interesting. Changes in intensity levels and methods of exercise are very essential. Constant routines at times stop to produce the desired results. It is implied to grow from the everyday workout.
http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:7UBk5JB2zQjV2M:http://s4.hubimg.com/u/1504807_f260.jpg6. Specific objectives are a must so that the strength training programs are created accordingly. It could include adding bulk, hypertrophy, maintaining weight or even fat loss. Optimal results would vary based on your desired objective. There would be wide variation if you are choosing to lose body fat, when compared to increasing bulk in the muscles. Keep the right goals to structure the best fitness strength training program.
7. Any regular routine must work out all the major muscles at least one to 3 times in a week. This would include chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, calves, quads, abs, gluts and hamstring. It would create an imbalance if any one among the muscle group is missed out.
A decent effective strength training program could be built among women who follow the right guidelines in a dedicated manner. It is always safe to have a safe and healthy body. Always be ready to get that exquisite shape you always wondered about.

Love has its own Body Language

If you’re interested in someone, you focus and pay attention. If you’re not interested in someone, your attention wanders. So if you’re sitting with the person you like, and he/she is looking at you when you’re talking, that’s a great sign. The eyes have it all and thus if the person is not interested he/she will keep looking out the window, or watching other girls/men.
Dilated eyes
As they say “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Thus while you are talking to the person you like, your eye pupils dialate (get bigger) when you’re excited. So if someone’s eyes look really big, it shows they’re interested. Thus keep your eyes on him/her and observe the eyes.
Lip and Mouth Activities
A girl might bite her lip gently, or run her tongue along her lip to show that she is interested. Some girls even do this deliberately to flirt, although it rarely looks natural. If you’re a girl, don’t try it, unless you’re really sure it looks natural.
Fiddling and playing with hair is one way to show that you are interested. Girls wrap their fingers in their hair. Guys run their hands through their hair. Note that twirling your hair is more a sign of boredom and distraction.
Arms and Hands
If the girl keeps her arms or hands closed or crossed (which is normal if its cold) then that is a clear indication that she’s not feeling comfortable. Arms that are out and away from her are less ‘defensive’. Also, if the woman leaves her wrist-up, it’s sort of an “I trust you” motion.
Women normally like to sit cross-legged and note that it doesn’t mean that she isn’t interested. So forget about that and concentrate on the toes because, toes tend to react to general body energy. So if someone’s feeling bored and listless, they might just lay there. But if someone is feeling excited and energetic, the toe might make little circles or bounce. Women when are interested point their toes towards the man.
The Voice
The way someone talks and especially the tone of the voice is hugely important. It will instantly tell you whether: Are they bored and weary? Are they thoughtful and quiet? Are they enthused and interested? To find out whether the person is interested in you first watch your own speech and then watch how their speech changes. If someone wants to ‘get along’ with someone else, they naturally match their speech patterns together. If you’re interested in someone, you start to naturally speak like them, using the same tone of voice, the same loudness/softness and speed, the same phrases even.

Body Language: Flirting Signs

http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/390674-11614-18.jpgBody language flirting signs can either indicate romantic interest or may be sexual overtures. Though body language flirting signs of men and women are different, there are some signs that are shown by both. Flirtatious gestures can be exhibited not only through one’s body postures, but also through one’s facial expressions and eye contacts. So, here are some signs that may indicate that the person whom you are having a conversation with is attracted to you.
Body Language Flirting Signs #01
Eyes convey a lot of things that even words cannot. So, one of the most common as well as the most important body language flirting signs is the eye contact. A person who is interested in you, not only will look at you, but will hold your eye contact for a few minutes. If you have observed a woman sitting across the room making frequent eye contacts with you, chances are there that she is interested in you. Apart from this, raised eyebrows can also be the sign of flirting.
Body Language Flirting Signs #02
Smiling is one of the common male and female body language flirting signs. A pleasant smile which reveals the upper as well as the lower teeth is a sign that explains that he/she is pleased to be in the other person’s company. Laughter is also another sign that shows that the person sitting opposite to you is interested in you. If your companion is laughing at all your jokes and one liners, even though they are not very funny, chances are that he/she finds you attractive.
Body Language Flirting Signs #03
It has been observed that men and women who indulge in flirting are seen to fiddle a lot with their hands. For instance, women are likely to play with their earrings and necklaces while conversing with men they are interested in. Also, some women indulge in flicking their hair or may be twirling and twisting their strands in front of the person they like. This applies to the men folk too. Usually, while having a conversation with women they are interested in, men try to straighten their hair or straighten their neckties like they are unconsciously trying to look well groomed. It has also been observed that men constantly touch their face while looking or talking to the woman they are interested in.
Body Language Flirting Signs #04
Many times, while talking to the person of the opposite sex, men as well as women try to mirror the other person, though usually in a subconscious way. If you have observed two lovers talking in a restaurant, you may observe that they are mirroring each others body language as well as body positions. This is one of the very common male as well as female body language flirting signs. Other than this, leaning towards the person and lightly touching the other person’s shoulder, arm or knee are also some obvious sign of flirting.

Mesh Bikinis – The Latest Bikini Craze

http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/17/17872-hustler-lace-and-mesh-bikini-set.jpgMesh bikinis are a wonderfully delightful different style of swimsuit. These barely there bikinis cover all of your organized body areas but they tease by giving that extra peek into what lies beneath. The mesh bikini acquired most of it’s popularity during the 1970’s when the homemade look of swimsuits were hot.
It became more alluring when a certain supermodel was doing a photo shoot and the white fishnet swimsuit she had on became wet and transparent. Somehow one of the shots of the wet swimsuit became a cool favorite and the mesh became famous throughout the fashion industry. Today the mesh bikini is geared toward the most outgoing and explorative beach travelers with plenty of colors and styles to choose from.
While many bikinis boast of their different styles, none of them have quite the reliance and track record of the mesh bikini. Durable and versatile, the mesh bikini is appropriate for many of today’s most exciting engagements. With many accessories available to accommodate the mesh bikini, you can alternate your look and change up your appearance at the drop of a hat.
Mesh bikinis are very comfortable and flexible to wear. They sparkle in the sun whether you’re lying in your backyard, at the local pool or whether you’re in the Riviera enjoying a wonderful summer vacation.
They’re sheer in the top, giving just a hint of what you want people to see and holding back what you don’t want them to see. It doesn’t get any hotter than a mesh bikini. For all of you ladies that enjoy walking around in complete confidence, these sheer when wet, and sometimes dry, bikinis won’t let you down when it comes to looking sleek and sexy.
Mesh bikinis are escalating in popularity so you don’t want to miss your chance to own one while they’re hot. They have the distinction of being able to show off every inch of your top and bottom but in a very classy way. Excellent for public and private appearances, wearing a mesh bikini puts you at the top of your game all the time.

Swimsuit bikinis

From left: J. Crew solid twist-front bandeau top, $44, bikini with detachable ties, $40; Forever 21 monochromatic drawstring top, $9.80, bottom, $8.80; Malia Mills top $135, lowrider bottom $125; Victoria’s Secret twist bandeau top, $22, double-string bottom, $14.50.
At a glance, these bikinis all look fairly similar, but their price tags tell a different story. When shopping for bathing suits, we’ve become less stunned over the years at the escalating prices for skimpy pieces of colorful, stretchy lycra, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to pay for them. What, for example makes the green bikini on the left cost over six times more than the pink one? we’ve never been able to figure it out. The New York Times did some investigating today, and they found some answers, but not all.
Apparently swimsuit “technology” is partially responsible for price discrepancy. The new line of Spanx swimsuits are claiming to contour and slim your body, and this bonus comes at a cost. The Times says other expensive bikinis claim to be weatherproof. Does this mean that the fabric is OK to get wet? Because we’ve seen some extremely pricey bikinis that just barely held up to that challenge.
Swimwear designer Malia Mills, told the Times that bikini bottoms cost more than panties because they must be stronger and be presentable in public. A bikini “has to keep its shape and look good when it’s been exposed to sunlight and sand, and saltwater and chlorine and sunscreen and body oil,” Mills said. “It’s a little tiny piece of fabric, but it has to really perform.” As for that fabric, Mills who imports small amounts from Europe pays much more for it that a mass brand like H&M, Wal-Mart, or Victoria’s Secret. Joshua Thomas, a spokesman for Target said that big companies can “negotiate better prices for the fabrics that we use.”


http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:sFA542zrnSB5eM:http://edhardy-clothing.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/ED_hardy_women_swimwear.jpgA swimsuit, bathing suit, or swimming costume is an item of clothing designed to be worn while participating in water sports and activities such as swimming, water polo, diving, surfing, water skiing, or for any activity in the sun, such as sun bathing. It is also used as an undergarment in sports that require a wetsuit such as water skiing, scuba diving, surfing, and wake boarding. In NewZealand English and some areas of Australian English, swimsuits are usually called togs or bathers. The term “togs” is less common in other parts of the Commonwealth, where it can also refer to clothes in general.

Current swimsuit styles

In western culture, men’s swimsuit styles include boardshorts, jammers, swim trunks, briefs or “speedos”, thongs, and g-strings, in order of decreasing lower body coverage.
http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:OcoMkMfdSi-5qM:http://www.theage.com.au/ffximage/2007/01/12/budgie3_narrowweb__300x453,0.jpgWomen’s swimsuits are generally one-piece, bikinis, or thongs. The most recent innovation is the burqini, a more modest garment designed for Muslim women, which covers the whole body and head (but not face) in a manner similar to a diver’s wetsuit. These are an updated version of full-body swimwear, which has been available for centuries, but complies with Islam’s traditional emphasis on modest dress. In Egypt, the term “Sharia swimsuit” is used to describe full-body swimwear.

Bikini swimwear

http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Banded%20Thong%20Bikini%20J300-33L.jpgBanded Thong 78.99$
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Blue%20Leopard%20String%20Bikini%20F211-1L.jpgBlue Leopard String 99 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Candy%20String%20Bikini%20-%20L245-0L.jpgCandy String 62$
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Black%20French%20Riviera%20Crochet%20-%20L263-0L.jpgBlack French 99 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Bikini%20Bands%20-%20R800-1L.jpgBikini Band 12.99$
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Diamond%20Head%20Bikini%202052-6L.jpgArrow Head Leather 1.89 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Black%20Colombian%20Tie%20Bikini%20L303-1L.jpgBlack Colombian 65.99 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Honeymoon%20Crochet%20Bikini%20-%20P230-0L.jpgHoneymoon Crochet 118.99 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Cool%20G-String%20Bikini%20(color%20can)%20J260-66L.jpgCool G-String 68.99 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Nikki%20Gauze%20Tonga%20Bikini%20(color%20can)%20J235-22L.jpgNikki Guaze 78.99 $
http://www.lifesabeachonline.ca/Images//Product_Images/Sexy%20Savage%20Bikini%20M213-00L.jpgSexy savage 68.99 $

Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:RWDc61iAV5CXmM:http://www.enchantedwaters.com/images/mixed-sets/gallery/107-ms_gal.jpgHow to Reduce Wrinkles: What You Can Do

Avoid the sun. It’s the No. 1 cause of wrinkles, with dozens of studies documenting the impact. In one study that looked at identical twins, New York plastic surgeon Darrick Antell, MD, found sun exposure was even more important than heredity. Siblings who limited sun time had fewer wrinkles and looked younger overall than their sun-worshiping twins.
Wear sunscreen. If you must go out in the sun, the American Academy of Dermatology says, wear sunscreen! It will protect you from skin cancer, and help prevent wrinkles at the same time.
Don’t smoke. Some of the research is still controversial, but more and more studies are confirming that cigarette smoke ages skin — mostly by releasing an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin, important components of the skin. Sibling studies done at the Twin Research Unit at St. Thomas Hospital in London found the brother or sister who smoked tended to have skin that was more wrinkled and up to 40% thinner than the non-smoker.
Get adequate sleep. Yale dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, says that when you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. Get enough rest, Perricone says, and you’ll produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps skin remain thick, more “elastic,” and less likely to wrinkle.
Sleep on your back. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) cautions that sleeping in certain positions night after night leads to “sleep lines — wrinkles that become etched into the surface of the skin and don’t disappear once you’re up. Sleeping on your side increases wrinkles on cheeks and chin, while sleeping face-down gives you a furrowed brow. To reduce wrinkle formation, the AAD says, sleep on your back.
Don’t squint — get reading glasses! The AAD says any repetitive facial movement — like squinting — overworks facial muscles, forming a groove beneath the skin’s surface. This groove eventually becomes a wrinkle. Also important: Wear sunglasses. It will protect skin around the eyes from sun damage — and further keep you from squinting.
Eat more fish — particularly salmon. Not only is salmon (along with other cold-water fish) a great source of protein — one of the building blocks of great skin — it’s also an awesome source of an essential fatty acid known as omega-3. Perricone tells WebMD that essential fatty acids help nourish skin and keep it plump and youthful, helping to reduce wrinkles.
Eat more soy – So far, most of the proof has come from animal studies, but research does show certain properties of soy may help protect or heal some of the sun’s photoaging damage. In one recent human study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers reported that a soy-based supplement (other ingredients included fish protein and extracts from white tea, grapeseed, and tomato, as well as several vitamins) improved skin’s structure and firmness after just six months of use. Trade coffee for cocoa. In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2006, researchers found cocoa containing high levels of two dietary flavanols (epicatchin and catechin) protected skin from sun damage, improved circulation to skin cells, affected hydration, and made the skin look and feel smoother.
Eat more fruits and vegetables. The key, says Kraus, are their antioxidant compounds. These compounds fight damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules that can damage cells), which in turn helps skin look younger and more radiant, and protects against some effects of photoaging.
Use moisturizer. “Women, especially, are so concerned with antiaging products they often overlook the power of a simple moisturizer. Skin that is moist simply looks better, so lines and creases are far less noticeable,” says Ashinoff.
Don’t over-wash your face. According to dermatologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center, tap water strips skin of its natural barrier oils and moisture that protect against wrinkles. Wash them off too often, and you wash away protection. Moreover, unless your soap contains moisturizers, you should use a cleanser instead.
Growth factors. Part of the body’s natural wound-healing response, these compounds, when applied topically, may reduce sun damage and decrease lines and wrinkles, while rejuvenating collagen production, studies have shown.
Wrinkle fillers. Doctors fill wrinkles with a variety of substances, including collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other synthetic compounds. Popular treatments include Restylane, Juvederm, and ArteFill, among others.

How to Look Beautiful As a Teenage Girl

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:_C2GTqdl_2IjZM:http://www.lankalibrary.com/images/jacqueline4.jpgEver wondered how you can look stunning without trying to be older than you really are? Want to look beautiful and natural, without using too many bad chemicals for your skin? This is a guide on how to look beautiful as a teenager, no matter who you are!
  1. Have clear skin. Take advantage of your good complexion while you’re young, and experiment so that your skin routine fits your skin type. As you’re young, you shouldn’t need to do much to keep your skin looking good. Perhaps a cleanser from a pharmacy will work for you, or maybe just water is enough.
  2. Promote Fast Hair Growth at NO Cost, Handy Tips for All Hair Types
    http://pad3.whstatic.com/images/thumb/5/5c/...-7702.jpg/180px-...-7702.jpgHave clean hair. As above, find a hair care routine that suits your hair type. Some people find that they need to wash their hair daily, some people three or four times a week. Find a shampoo and conditioner that work for your hair, and stick to it. Take advantage of your natural attributes; if it’s wavy, choose a haircut that suits wavy hair. Ask your stylist to help you pick a shape that suits your face shape.
  3. Take good care of your teeth. Brush twice daily, morning and night. Floss or use specialized dental tooth picks, not wooden ones, and use mouthwash. Keep it up.
  4. Stay hydrated. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day (approx. 8 glasses) and keep up those fruits and vegetables that contain a good amount of water in them. The water will keep your skin fresh and your eyes bright, and the vitamins in the fruit will keep you energetic and healthy.
  5. Emphasize the part of your body you feel most confident about. Vibrant tops if you like your upper body/arms and slimming pants if you love your legs!
  6. Be selective with make-up. Choose colours and types that suit your natural appearance – aim to compliment your natural beauty. Sometimes, less is more. A little mascara (clear is good, no smudges!) lipgloss and blush is a good combination. If you have to use a foundation, use a tinted moisturizer instead; it moisturizes your skin and tints it in one product!
  7. Try coloring your hair. It’s best to do this on the holidays, then you can wash the color away if you don’t like it.
  8. Paint your nails. Use vibrant colors and if you can, match the colors with what you are wearing. Remember to remove the nail polish with a moisturizing nail-polish remover two days from when you applied it, to let your nails breathe.
  9. Have a positive attitude. Walk confidently and smile!
  10. Smell good. Choose a perfume that suits you, spray a little on your wrists and neck and wear it often. People will get used to your scent and will appreciate it.
  11. Shave or wax. Do this after a shower, your hair is easier to remove then. Shave if you are on the run, but it is best to wax to prevent coarser, longer hair growing back. Plus, waxing pulls the hair roots out, so you have a longer period of time without the itchiness of hair growing back! Another hair removal idea is to pluck your eyebrows.
  12. Wear jewelery. Rings, necklaces, anklets and bracelets can look great if chosen to suit your personality and your outfit. If you do not have your ears pierced but want the look, you can buy earrings that clip on your earlobe.

Summer Beauty Tips

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:r7taEYMIYEcX5M:http://www.entertainmentandstyle-gossip.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/summer-beauty-make-up-tips1.bmpSummer is a great time for relaxation, recreation and renewal. If you’re like most of us, you probably take advantage of the longer days and warm weather to enjoy extra time with family and friends. While enjoying the hot, lazy days of summer, keep in mind that different beauty rules apply. Here are a few tips to keep you looking as good as you feel:

Summer Hair Care  

  • http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:fPA3Caor_EcclM:http://styletips101.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/highlights.jpgIf you spend lots of time outdoors and want to spice up your look naturally, try combing a little lemon juice through your hair. The sun will lighten those strands faster than your locks sans lemon, giving you an attractive sun-streaked look. It’s also easier on your budget than salon highlights.
  • Be sure to deep condition your hair at least once a week, especially if you swim a lot. Hair tends to become dry, dull and brittle if it is soaked and dried too often.

    Summer Skincare Tips

    • It may be hip to be tanned, and it does tend to camouflage a multitude of imperfections, but don’t deep-fry your skin for the sake of fashion. Your best bet is a high quality bronzer in a bottle. The Body Shop has a great all-natural formula. Just remember to use a facial scrub prior to application to slough off any dead skin cells. You may also want to use a pair of gloves, lest your palms turn orange!

      Summer Make-up Tips

      • Take on summer with a fresh face forward – less is best! Accentuate your glowing skin by brushing on a light shimmering powder instead of a heavy foundation. You don’t want to appear like you are melting under the hot sun.
      • Those of you who read my column know that I’m a big advocate of the powder bronzer. This is a great way to give yourself a pretty glow. I like to use a matte finish on my face and then a shimmer powder on my eyelids, above my cheekbones, and on my shoulders and collarbone.

Get Fresh and Beautiful Skin

Here are few tips about changing eating and drinking habits to get a more beautiful and fresh skin:
  • When gets up in the morning, do not wash off the oil which you get on your face, specially around your nose and chin, rather spread this oil from your nose to all over face in upward strokes. It’s the natural oil, which your body produces and is very good for one’s skin to keep it young and supple. After that you can wash your face but without soap. First face wash of the morning should be just with water.
  • Fill water in your mouth and then splash water on your face and on eyes. It’s a kind of exercise.
  • Drink 2 glass of lukewarm water in the morning empty stomach with a spoonful of honey and lemon juice added to it. It’s good to clean your stomach, and detoxify the toxins. With the consumption of this skin starts glowing within a month.
  • Cut off the use of caffinated and saturated drinks. Stop eating much of junk and fried food, which spoils the body and damages the skin.
  • Rather drink lots of water at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Fresh juices and even buttermilk is good to keep you fit and healthy.
  • Try to walk whenever you get an opportunity. Exercise is must for a healthy mind, body and skin. If your schedule is too busy to get time to workout then get it this way. Try to climb stairs then taking lift. Park your car a little more away from your destination so that you will have to walk.
  • Always sit in a right posture and keep your abs muscles tight. It will strengthen your tummy muscles and make it look flatter.
  • Always breathe properly. The correct breathing pattern makes surprising difference to your body and skin. When inhale air should reach till abdomen and when exhale you should feel light in your abdomen.
  • Always add green fresh salads with your meals. This will reduce the quantity of food calories you are eating and will help you remain fit.
  • Consume more of fruits and vegetables with a balanced healthy diet.
  • Do wash face often but not every time with soap. If you are working keep wiping off your face with wet tissues.
  • Whenever in the kitchen, you can rub lemon peel from the pulp side on your face to get rid of the grease and can apply any fruit juice on face with a cotton roll. You can wash it off after few minutes.

How to Look Pretty

Sometimes I wonder if women prefer to look pretty for men, other women, society, out of habit, out of expectation, or for themselves. I believe that everybody, men and women, should care about their looks for themselves. Yes, a few compliments here and there are always welcome, but dressing for the compliments, is simply stupid, right! Anyways, whatever your reasons may be, I – thy humble writer, am here to help you look pretty.
http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/351129-51629-56.jpgHow to Look Pretty: Step 1
So, you are rushing to get to work, college or school. You are running out of time and you overslept. I would call that the perfect catastrophe for people who take time to get dressed, but like to be punctual. For such people who want to know how to look pretty, fast! Well, it is simple, make sure you comb your hair well. No knots and everything in place. Wash your face well and brush your teeth. Take a shower and use a good deodorant or perfume. Put on clothes that suit you, and that you are comfortable in. Wear your gorgeous smile, and head off to your destination.
How to Look Pretty: Step 2
Isn’t it just disastrous when you have just woken up and walked out of your door to take your paper. At that serendipitous time is when the neighborhood’s hottie and your latest crush also decides to walk out and see you. Now, if you had flawless skin and good hair, you would have really not worried about it, right? So, how to always look pretty? Here’s one very simple beauty tip; Don’t do anything to look pretty. All women are born with a beautiful face, you are no exception. So, stop trying so hard to look pretty and give your true face a chance to work the magic. Keep your skin clean and healthy.
How to Look Pretty: Step 3
Do you think that no matter how well you are dressed, and no matter how expensive your jewelry, you will look pretty with a frown on your face? I don’t think so, a personal survey recently established that even if a woman wears the best clothes or frequents the most happening places, she will not be considered pretty if she does not smile and greet people well. Smile when you greet people, and treat everyone with respect and love. Talk with love and make sure you smile and laugh.

Pubic Hair Shave Fashion – What’s Hot?

http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/61210-27med.jpg1. More and more women are exposed to the issue of pubic hair shave. Every body’s talking about pubic hair shaving – Pubic hair shaving stories and guides are being published on the media.
2. Models, actress and other celebrities which are serving as role models are shaving their pubic hair and speak of it publicly.
3. Pubic hair shave has become more accessible – Pubic shavers and accessories can be found in most of the department and cosmetic stores and on fair prices.
4. Pubic hair shave is easier, faster and causes less pain than ever. The modern shavers have been developed for years to apply the most effective pubic shaving.
5. Pubic hair shave provides a great feeling of freedom and helps you feel better with your body. It is one of a wide selection of cosmetic treatments that have become popular in the last couple of years like teeth whitening, sunless tanning etc.
What is hottest pubic hair shave fashion?
There are two trends that are definitely the most popular of all pubic female shaving styles.
The first one is the Brazilian Bikini wax. In this pubic hair shaving method all the pubic hair is being shaved. It is recommended to have a professional to Brazilian Bikini waxing you. You could find a Brazilian Bikini Wax in any big city. Gwyneth Platrow and Naomi Campbell have done it. What about you?
The second hot pubic hair shaving trend is the different pubic hair cuts. A few samples would be the star, the arrow, the heart, the butterfly or the traditional downward or upward triangle. Many women make a pleasant surprise for their boy friend / husband with a new pubic haircut each time.

Anti Aging Skin Care for 20s

http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/358617-21619-16.jpgWomen in their 20s have the advantage of a youthful skin. Absence of wrinkles, frown lines, dark circles, dark spots and puffiness, makes the skin, in 20s, fit for a second look. The only problem during this phase, is, occasional eruptions and exposure to the sun, wind, dust, dirt and pollution.
Tips on Anti-Aging Skin Care for Your 20s
Avoid Exposure to the Sun
You’ve heard it a million times over, in those commercial breaks and at every beauty salon. Sun does age your skin. A few minutes extra in the sun, and your skin, is in, for lifetime of trouble. Exposure to the sun, leads to formation of wrinkles, dark spots, dry cracked skin and blotchy skin. The reason for all of this is the hazardous nature of UV rays, which penetrate the skin layers, mutating the melanin.
Quit Smoking
Working hard and partying harder, may keep you in shape, both mentally and physically. But smoking to keep up with the pressures of the same, is definitely not helping your skin. Aging skin is just another side effect of smoking.
Moisturize and Hydrate
By the time you are 25, your skin, begins to age. Dry skin, is a symptom of aging. Lack of moisture and water, makes your skin look dull and flaky. It loses its luster and develops dark circles and spots. Puffiness is yet another sign of lack of moisture.
Best Anti Aging Skin Care for 20s
With a few skin care tips for women in their 20’s, you can prevent your skin from premature aging.
  • Use a scrub to wash your face, at least thrice a week. This removes the dead skin, cleans out the pores and speeds up the process of exfoliation.
  • The best wrinkle free skin care, would be to include a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and B3 in your diet, to prevent wrinkles and to combat other signs of premature aging. Also, including, a bowl of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and antioxidants, keeps your skin looking healthy.
  • Remove all the make-up with a good skin cleanser, before your go to sleep. Makeup disallows, your skin to breathe.
  • Get your face cleansed, if not a facial, every 25 days, to remove deposited dirt, which causes blackheads and pimples.

Anti Aging Foods for Skin

List of Anti Aging Foods for Skin
http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/316203-42714-23.jpgStudies have proved that a diet consisting of food rich in anti aging, helps to keep the body healthy and diminishes the rate of aging. Anti aging foods are also beneficial for the skin, as the antioxidants in them help in protecting the body against free radicals and flush out the harmful toxins from the body and keep it clean. Here are a few anti aging foods for skin, which are a must when it comes to your daily diet.
One of the best anti aging foods, avocados contains significant amount of vitamin E, which prevents aging and thus helps in maintaining a healthy glowing skin.
Various varieties of berries, ranging from blackberries and blueberries to raspberries and strawberries, are rich in flavonoids.
Broccoli, as well as broccoli sprouts, are rich in antioxidants such as quercetin and isothiocyanates, which help in tackling the damage caused by free radicals. In fact, broccoli sprouts has 30 times more isothiocyanates than regular broccoli.
Beans, such as black soybeans and black beans, are rich in anthocyanin, a water soluble pigment, related to flavinoids which helps to curb aging and neurological diseases. In fact, soybeans also contain isoflavones which are rich in anti-aging properties.
Cruciferous Vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and radish, are rich in vitamins and fiber, which help the body to fight against toxins and cancer.
Garlic is yet another herb having several health benefits. It is an effective anti-inflammatory agent which combines to remove heavy metals from the body and thus helps in keeping the skin healthy and ever glowing.
Green Tea
This may come as a surprise for many, but green tea is one of the best anti aging foods for skin. Green tea, is rich in catechins, the tannic acid, which acts as an antioxidant and helps to keep the skin.
Wine is yet another potent antioxidant which has proved to be one of the important anti aging foods for skin. Like green tea, wines contains catechins as well as resveratrol, a phytoalexin with significant anti-aging properties.
Last, but the most important component of anti aging diet for skin is water. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Water helps in getting rid of the toxins and unwanted waste materials which are either ingested or produced within the body. It is recommended to have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. healthy and beautiful.

Three Ways to Slow Down Aging

Preventing Aging through following Tips

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Zs9nNlwuDUI/SHuJjhRWOAI/AAAAAAAACBY/eYeZ1eXmcCQ/s400/Anti%2Baging%2Bskin%2Bcare%2Bwoman.JPGThe second way in anti-aging prevention is regular exercise. Nothing works better in attaining anti-aging than regular exercise. You do not have to be a fanatic of exercise or do it vigorously and exhaustively. Regular exercise provides you great benefits and it can prolong good quality of life. Many people who are doing regular exercise feel happier and stronger at the same time.
The third way that can help slow down anti-aging is taking resveratrol. This is a compound that is found in the skins for grapes, berries, mulberries, red wine, and a lot more. This can reduce wrinkles and can enhance skin complexion. You also have to take note on the resveratrol dosage that you need to take.The first way to prevent aging is proper diet. Proper diet means getting the right kinds of food. The food you create an impact on your body especially when you get older. Consuming foods that can fend off illnesses like heart disease and cancer is very important. As early as now, you need to start foods like avocado. Avocado is rich in Vitamin E and it can help in maintaining healthy skin and prevention of skin aging.
The Significance in Taking Right Resveratrol Dosage
Resveratrol is known to enhance the functions of the estrogen hormone. This also acts as effective neuroendocrine system. This is really an excellent remedy for women. Resveratrol dosage depends on its application. It is either used for preventive purposes or for therapeutic purposes.

Bustiers - For Brides and For Every Woman

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For the bride-to-be, a bridal bustier is a must-have. You want to feel like the most beautiful woman on earth when you walk down the aisle. A bridal bustier helps by making sure you look amazing in your wedding dress. They slim, flatten, and hoist, all while looking smooth and seamless under your gown.

Heres how the bridal bustier works. Bustiers start at the bosom and go down to the hips. Theyre like corsets in that they feature boning that helps keep everything in place, so to speak.

Bridal bustiers are created to be invisible. Often, they are totally seamless and feature hidden underwire, a low-cut back, and straps that can be removed. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of bridal bustiers are white.

Bustiers, corsets, and basques are actually three different pieces of lingerie. If you hear the term bustier corset, it usually refers to a bustier thats made to firmly cinch and hold. The bustier corset is something women turn to when an ensemble calls for a near-perfect figure. You probably wouldnt want to wear one every day, but theyre ideal for occasions when you want to be an absolute knock-out. A bustier corset can instantly trim 3 or 4 pounds off your figure and make you appear curvy yet toned.

Almost all bustiers come with removal straps. The strapless bustier has a couple of different uses. Theyre ideal for wearing under a strapless gown and tube tops. In fact, they are also great for a top or dress with thin spaghetti straps. A strapless bustier provides all the support you need, but with no unsightly appearances from your bra straps.

A strapless bustier can also be a fashion statement. Increasingly, women are wearing strapless bustiers as tops. They are sexy and sassy for a night on the town. Paired with a blazer they can even be toned down enough for less wild occasions.

Lots of sexy costumes feature bustiers. Using a bustier in the costumes design can make even Little Red Riding Hood a red hot temptress. A witch costume complete with a bustier says no warts here, only delightfully devilish spells. Here are just a few of the sexy costumes that typically include bustiers:

Bar maid
Santas little helper

Of course, as you already know, bustiers make for sizzling sexy lingerie. No piece of sexy lingerie is truly sexy unless it makes you feel fabulous. And fabulous you will feel with the womanly, hourglass shape that an exotic bustier will give you.

When meant to serve as sexy lingerie, bustiers come in less functional varieties. That is, the vertical seams and lacing are meant to be visually appealing and not to constrict. You get the best of both worlds: an exotic bustier thats seductive yet fairly comfortable to wear.

Sexy, lacey bras and panties are great, but can become common-place. An exotic bustier makes you look and feel like a take charge kind of gal. Really wow that special someone with a piece of lingerie they never expected. Even the shyest of women will feel like a total goddess in an exotic bustier.

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